Saturday, 17 October 2009

saturday night fever...

saturday nights for me are spend at home, in front of the telly with a takeaway and my sister. we watch reality tv including the x factor and talk about random stuff. today was music as we both synchronising our ipods after getting some new music, the result was my sister yelling at her ipod:

"how much do you want to synchronise, your not swimming"

it is the kind of humour that lives in our house. plays on words and sarcasm. my dad says im too sarcastic for my own good. i think i use it was a defense mechanism to be honest, to keep people at a safe distance away from my real feelings.

after her outburst we talked about doing a spoof of the BOUNCE video and learned some of the lyrics to it, hopefully we will film it because it would be hilarious so watch out for it on my youtube (link over there ⇒).

i also started sewing my first skirt on the sewing machine after a minor trantrum because the cotten kept breaking i managed to sew all six pieces of the pattern together. i am going to work on it some more tomorrow (or rather today i have just realised the time 1.48 happy sunday =])

my niece is coming for dinner as well, shes nearly three and the most adorable thing you will ever see =] well i better get to bed, night night sleep tight

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