Sunday, 8 November 2009



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Thursday, 5 November 2009

showing some K2 love...

on his birthday
remember remember the fifth of november (not just because its kevin jonas birthday) happy guy fawkes day
also the EMAs are on tonight fingers crossed for the jonas brothers to win best group =]

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

its the final coutdown...
(okay maybe not but hey its the two week countdown)

yay so excited it will be my second jonas brothers concert and third time seeing them like in real life =] plus this time its in my home town so no more having to travel to london yay!

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theres a monster hiding...
dont you just love this? from the polariods, to the empty frames to the little monster hiding on the canopy. not to mention the letter Bs, i have one simalar from hobycraft i painted up in the summer which hangs on my wall i am currently working on two murals in my room after i got bored with the wallpaper i picked out when i was thirteen, changing tastes and all that jazz luckily my mom is pretty cool about letting me paint onto the walls. i will be posting pictures when i finish =^.^=picture credit here... and here

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its like explaining the internet to parents....
Count Dracula is on the pull in Glasgow. He spends the night drinking Bloody Mary's in various clubs and biting on unsuspecting women's necks He's heading for home, along Argyle Street sometime before dawn.
Suddenly he's hit on the back of the head. He looks round and sees nothing. He looks down and sees a small sausage roll. Mmmm, he thinks. What's going on here?
A few yards further on and........BANG. Smacked on the back of the head again! He whirls round as quick as he can - nothing. Again he looks down and there's a small triangular sandwich lying onthe ground. How odd!
A few more yards further along the street and........crash. Smacked on the back of the head yet again! He whirls round as quick as he can - nothing. He's getting really angry now. Again he looks down and there's a cocktail sausage lying on the ground.He stands and peers into the darkness of the night. Nothing.
He walks a few yards further along again when he gets a tap on the shoulder. With a swirl of his cape and a cloud of mist he turns as fast as he can. He feels a sharp pain in his heart. He falls to the ground clutching his chest, which is punctured by a small cocktail stick laden with a chunk of cheese and a pickled onion.On the ground dying, he looks up and sees a young female. Withhis dying breath he gasps, "Who the hell are you?"
Wait for it...

Are you ready?...

Brace yourself...

This'll make your day...

... "BUFFET, the vampire slayer."
this is an example as to why parents shouldnt be allowed email address`. i just got this from my dad and allthough it made me giggle its still weird when your parents talk about emailing and facebook (about the only things my parents know how to do LOL).

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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween 2009

i spent my halloween with my adorable little niece who will be three on wednesday =] we went to gulivers kingdom theme park in derby (i think) with my dad my brother (her dad) her mom and some other family. isabella got to meet dora and there were rides and things there. 
(above)my brother with isabella, she wouldnt smile for the picture LOL or let go of her box of smarties

as well there was a fireworks display after the characters had stopped dancing i swear there is nothing funnier than a guy in mouse suit dressed as a pumpkin doing the thriller dance =] i got some really awesome pictures of the fireworks using guess what the firework setting on my camera LOL i had never used the setting before but i will defaintly be using next time there are fireworks which will proberly be guy forks on the 5th or the christmas light  switch on in birmingham on the 14th so we will see. i had a really great time spending time with my family, its usual for me to spend time with just my brother and my dad without anyone else around but it was nice. i thought that i would have a terriable time but i actually had a really good day, i especially loved the firework display. i love fireworks i think it the colours and the loud bangs ive loved them since i was a kid on guy forks day with the bonfire and everything

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

cupcakes make me happy, there so darn cute and then there yummy for my tummy as well, if i could come back as anything i would come back as a cupcake no question about it!. that my new friend bob by the way sitting in the frosting, i think bob is awesome and i love his little yellow bowtie =]